Maybe the music industry should remember what was left inside Pandora’s Box

In a Newsweek article about the unique online music service Pandora, generic viagra sale I found the following quote:

With more than 6 million subscribers, Pandora is one of the most popular of the new wave of Net-based digital music start-ups. Yet Westergren is concerned about the impact of a proposed revision of the royalty rates that Internet-radio services must pay to copyright holders. (These rates, several times higher than what terrestrial radio stations pay, were determined by a government board that accepted the arguments of the music industry.)

This is just more proof that the music industry is run by complete idiots.

EVERY SINGLE TIME I listen to Pandora I buy at least two songs from bands I’ve never heard from.

The music industry should be PAYING Pandora to play their music, not trying to put them out of business by charging them too much money to play their songs.


If there’s any hope for the music industry it’ll come from innovative services like Pandora, not the greedy fools currently running the record companies.

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