Mass transit or massive target?

The Milwaukee Journal Sentinel is once again on the side of local Democrats who want to raise more taxes to subsidize and build more mass transit in Milwaukee.

And once they succeed in taxing all the people who buy their own cars to pay for buses and trains they don’t use, discount viagra buy cialis they’ll do what the Democrats in Congress are already doing and insist on spending millions more in an attempt to make the plump targets they’ve just created less vulnerable to terrorist attack.

Individuals in their own cars make lousy terrorist targets. A bus or train car packed full of folks is a terrorist’s treat. Just ask the citizens in England, Spain, Pakistan/India, and Israel if you have any doubts.

But lets not let logic get in the way:

Cars are evil!

Subways are salvation!

(Especially for the jihadists who would be happy to ride them all the way to martyrdom.)

6 comments February 19th, 2007


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