Mass transit means massive taxes

The Milwaukee Journal Sentinel features an editorial today that purports to be about mass transit, generic viagra illness but is really more of an exercise in massive stupidity.

They are supposed to be arguing that Milwaukee needs more mass transit.

And yet, order they spend most of the editorial pointing out how the current mass transit system can’t pay for itself and needs more subsidies.

What is absolutely amazing to me is that they don’t see the irony in that.

I haven’t seen ANY proof that Milwaukee would benefit from a new fixed mass transit system.

And the people advocating one don’t seem to think they need any arguments stronger than “because” to convince us we need to agree to perpetually finance a system that:

  • We don’t need.
  • We don’t want.
  • That won’t pay for itself.
  • And will have to be subsidized by the everyone whether they use it or not.

A new mass transit system in Milwaukee is an idea that should never leave the station.

5 comments May 22nd, 2006


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