Man, you played that race card fast, you should be in Vegas!

It didn’t take long for Milwaukee Alderman Michael McGee‘s lawyer to play the race card in his attempt to distract from McGee’s alleged crimes:

“In his dismissal motion, viagra canada clinic Givens (McGee’s lawyer) also cites the contents of a voice message to McGee from an unidentified person placed to a McGee telephone that was being monitored with wire taps. According to the motion, shop the caller used a racial slur and said “My fellow KKK members are comin’ in and it’s a fight.”

Noting authorities arrested McGee and two other men for allegedly conspiring to have a man beaten, see Givens argues this constituted a similar threat – yet authorities did not arrest the caller. Thus, according to the filing, the actions by authorities were discriminatory, inasmuch as they singled out McGee and the two others, who are black.

If this is McGee’s lawyers’ best shot, McGee really is in big trouble.

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