Just like most high school diplomas, this opinion piece isn’t worth the paper it’s printed on.

In today’s USA TODAY, cialis sales patient Monty Neill argues that we should just let unqualified students graduate from high school and get their diploma.

He says:

But denying borderline students the benefit of a diploma hurts both these young people and our country. A teenager with a weak education and a diploma can still get a job and become a contributing member of society.

The reason they can get a job, cialis buy you dumbass, is that a diploma is supposed to mean that the recipient has achieved an acceptable level of knowledge and ability.

What Neill is calling for is basically committing fraud against employers.

To me this is the equivalent of arguing that:

Driving is good.

You can’t drive without a license.

It’s hard to get a license if you’re not a good driver.

But since driving is good, we should just give licenses to people whether they can drive or not.

Of course, the above scenario would lead to the same situation as just giving away undeserved diplomas so that people could get a job …lots of people crashing and burning.

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