Jealousy or justifiable criticism?

I don’t think it’s out of line to ask if long-time blogger Sean Hackbarth’s critique of this year’s Weblog Summit is motivated a little by being over-looked by the organizers for two years in a row.

But regardless of WHY Sean is criticising the event, viagra buy thumb I think he’s got a good point: the summit does seem more focused on the famous than on the fresh or the fascinating.

Go ahead and invite the “celebrities” who also happen to blog.

But if you really want to capture the spirt of blogging, hospital why not have last year’s Blog-of-the-Year winner Dennis York (aka Christian Schneider) come and talk about anonymous blogging?

Or ask Sean to talk about the changes he’s seen in Wisconsin political blogging in the last eight years?

Or ask Aaron how he’s gotten so many politicians to speak on his podcast?

I have nothing against Charlie, Jessica, Owen, etc… They are all good writers and provocative commentators.

But if blogging really can be described as “citizen journalism,” it might be nice to have a few more citizens talking about it.

2 comments March 26th, 2007


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