It’s the belief system, stupid

NPR’s Morning Edition featured a discussion among people of various races this morning about how race is influencing the election.

And lots of other people want to talk about how sex is influencing it.

But what really divides people in America is not race or gender, buy viagra troche it’s ideology.

It’s what we believe that makes us allies or enemies.

I’m much closer to a black Conservative like James T. Harris than I ever could be to a white liberal like Michael Moore.

James’ color is irrelevant to me, buy it’s his philosophies that I identify with.

If you don’t believe that ideology is more powerful than race or sex, medicine just look at the attacks on Sarah Palin (a feminist role model if there ever was one) by liberal women.

Or check out what African-American progressives say about one of the most accomplished black men in America: Supreme Court Justice Clarence Thomas.

In the end, which side of the political divide you inhabit in this country is less about what body you were born in, than what body of thought you believe in.

And isn’t that they way it should be?

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