It’s ironic how many people don’t know the meaning of “satire.”

In relation to the ongoing Islamic cartoon brouhaha, viagra sales advice retired Vatican diplomat Cardinal Achille Silvestrini said:

“Freedom of satire that offends the feelings of others becomes an abuse…”

I wonder if this guy has ever even looked up the meaning of satire?

The definition of satire is to use “irony, sildenafil remedy sarcasm, purchase or caustic wit to attack or expose folly, vice, or stupidity.”

(Sounds like an exercise bound to offend someone to me.)

Where’s Jonathan Swift when you need him?

Because most of the people defending the Islamic position on this aren’t very Swift at all.

I know I can’t seem to leave this thing alone, but it just pushes all my buttons. Plus, people won’t stop saying and doing stupid shit.

2 comments February 5th, 2006


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