Is this the lesson schools should be teaching?

A 15-year-old girl who stopped her out-of-control school bus was hit with a Saturday detention because she was supposed to be in class when the accident happened.

Marina High School student Amanda Rouse was on a bus with 40 elementary school students Wednesday morning when the driver fell out of her seat after a turn and hit her head.Rouse jumped up and applied the brakes, cialis sales illness bringing the bus to a halt after striking two parked cars. No one was injured.

But Rouse said she was punished because she wasn’t supposed to be on the bus in the first place.Rouse said she fell ill on the way to school, generic viagra cheap but instead of calling in sick, she asked the bus driver for a lift back to the bus yard before the accident happened. She must attend Saturday school as punishment for failing to call in sick that day.

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