Is it my imagination?

…or have the Right (in general) taken their electoral defeats better than the Left normally take theirs?

You don’t hear many anguished calls for recounts.

Or accusations of voter fraud.

Or the wailing and gnashing of teeth.

Of course, viagra sales for sale there is some angst, ambulance but my completely subjective impression is that there is less than you see on the Left when they take their lumps.

I wonder why that is?

My thoughts:

  1. The Right knew it was coming. The war is hugely unpopular. And much of their losses can be linked to that.
  2. The Left often sees losing as a repudiation of their basic values, but I think the Right looks at the outcome on the death penalty and the marriage amendments and say to themselves “our values are popular, we just got out manuevered.”
  3. In general, (and research supposedly supports this) folks on the Right just tend to be more upbeat in general.

So what do you think?

Why are so many of the folks on the Right taking these losses so well?

3 comments November 10th, 2006


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