Is It Fair to Ask Chelsea Clinton About Monica Lewinsky?

March 26th, 2008

After a student at Butler University asked Chelsea Clinton if the way her mother handled the Monica Lewinsky scandal damaged her mother’s credibility (a question Chelsea refused to answer), discount cialis ask The Washington Post asked Is It Fair to Ask Chelsea Clinton About Monica Lewinsky?

At first, case I was appalled by the question Chelsea was asked.

But then I wondered, why the hell is Chelsea getting a free pass?

She’s not a 15-year-old anymore.

She’s campaigning for her mother, and yet she refuses to answer any questions from the press.

She wants to have her cake and to eat it, too.

Chelsea Clinton is 28-years-old and acting as a political surrogate. Sometimes people are going to ask tough questions. Grow up and deal with it or get the hell out of politics.

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  • 1. Aaron  |  March 26th, 2008 at 1:50 pm

    Hey, Chelsea, don’t you think it was a little bit weak on your mother’s part to stand by her man after the way he embarassed her in front of the world? Do you think the rest of the world remembers how she handled that situation and might still hold it against her now?

    Oh, and are you wearing boxers or briefs?

  • 2. Debunked  |  March 26th, 2008 at 1:54 pm

    Was the question fair? Sure. But so was the response.

  • 3. elliot  |  March 26th, 2008 at 1:58 pm

    Actually, not answering it was fair. Saying, “it’s none of your business” was incorrect.

  • 4. Tony Iovino  |  March 26th, 2008 at 9:41 pm

    The Clinton campaign has a total hands-off policy regarding Chelsea– no interviews, no questions from the press.

    You can’t have your cake and eat it too. If she is out campaigning for her mother, she is subject to the same rules that apply to any surrogate of the candidate.

    Still, it’s nice to see the Clintons so protective of their 28 year old daughter.

    If you can’t ask Chelsea a question without the Clintons going ballistic, just think what they would have done if, when she was say a 22 year old intern, the 49 year old CEO of the company used her as a sexual toy?

    Too bad they forgot that Monica was somebody else’s 22 year old daughter when Bill took advantage and the whole Clinton team geared up to destroy her–until the blue dress evidence made that smear campaign pointless.

  • 5. elliot  |  March 26th, 2008 at 9:53 pm

    Good point, Tony.

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