Insult or compliment?

Krshorewood at folkbum’s rambles and rants probably thought he was insulting conservative Milwaukee radio host Charlie Sykes when he wrote:

“His career has always been about obstruction, viagra sale online not construction.”

But I think most conservatives (and all libertarians) would say that’s one of the highest compliments you could pay a person.

There are already too many laws, clinic too many taxes, recipe too many fees, too much nannying.

We don’t need to “construct” more government regulations, programs, or methods of redistributing the wealth.

Obstructing the unrestrained growth of government at all levels is actually more productive (and praiseworthy), than adding another layer of laws to the deep pile that is already slowly smothering private commerce and individual freedoms.

Less is more, baby.

And sometimes a little obstruction is exactly what’s needed to make some real progress.

4 comments July 11th, 2007


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