In the big scheme of things, will it always be “game over” for video games?

Like other forms of software, cialis sales purchase video games are all about being the newest, seek the coolest, the most advanced.

Because of that, games have a very short shelf life – usually measured in months rather than years.

Hardly anyone today would purchase a game that was popular three years ago.

The technology has changed, the graphics have changed, even the sophistication of the audience has changed.

Books, movies, and music on the other hand are often as relevant, entertaining, and interesting to people today as they were when they were created forty years ago, 200 years ago, or 2000 years ago.

The question is will we ever have a video game as enduring as Huck Finn?

Or does the nature of the medium demand that the popularity and relevance of any particular video game will always be transitory?

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