I’m pretty sure I’m going to be voting for Obama in Wisconsin’s primary

I’m not sure who I’ll be voting for in the general election, cialis canada hospital but I’m pretty sure I’ll be voting for Barack Obama, viagra tomorrow.

My reasoning is as follows:

I think the Democrats stand around an 80% chance of winning the general election.

If they do, I can’t bear the thought of listening to Hillary and Bill Clinton for four to eight more years.

I just can’t.

Even if they are less liberal.

Even if they more likely to govern from the center.

I just can’t face four more years of her grating voice and his corpulent glad-handing.

I’m not so much voting for Obama as I am voting against Hillary.

I know McCain stands a better chance in the general election against Hillary than he does against Barack, but I just can’t take the risk.

So tomorrow, I’ll be voting for Barack Obama.

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