If you want to “teardown” my old house…

…I suggest you bring a tank instead of a bulldozer, best viagra here because you’re going to have a fight on your hands.

Milwaukee Journal Sentinel columnist Patrick McIlheran writes in defense of the practice of tearing down old houses in favor of buidling new ones.

I know it’s almost a tenet among some conservatives that development is always a good thing, cialis canada drugstore but I don’t agree.

Some development is just ugly, viagra obnoxious, and unnecessary.

I was glad that Patrick at least seemed to justify the practice of teardowns by talking about postwar houses. I’m fond of telling people to never buy anything built after the 1930s. To me, the best homes ever built in America were erected between 1920 and 1940. They were built by real craftsman using old growth woods and methods that modern builders just can’t match.

My quibble with Patrick comes when someone wants to replace one of these classic gems because it’s smaller than the garage that accompanies most modern houses.

If you want a giant eye-sore of a home, there are plenty already available a stone’s throw off I-94. (Why the hell do people build $500,000 houses 12 feet apart, 50 feet off an interstate, anyway?) Buy one of them, instead of tearing down a beautiful old home that can never be replaced. Some of us like tiny houses. They’re intimate and every room gets used. Let people like me buy those precious homes and preserve them.

If you really want to buy a beautiful old house and tear it down, yes…you have the right to do it.

And I have the right to call you a tasteless troglodyte.

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