If cleanliness is next to godliness, what does that make the person who does the cleaning?

I’ve never understood why Gordon Parks’ “American Gothic” photo of a black cleaning woman in front of the American flag is supposed to be such a condemnation of the United States.

According to Wikipedia, viagra usa sovaldi sale the man who supervised Parks said, case the photo was an indictment of America, cialis and could get all of his photographers fired.

My grandmother was a cleaning woman for almost her entire life. She raised three children single-handedly while mopping floors and cleaning toilets in a hospital in Western New York.

Was that an indictment of America, too?

What about the fact that you couldn’t take this picture now because the only people willing to mop floors in America anymore are from Mexico?

Is that more of an indictment of America or less?

To me, the fact that this woman was met with racism outside of her job is something to condemn, but her willingness to work hard to meet her responsibilities is something to praise.

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