I honestly don’t think so

The other day, sildenafil store I heard Olivia Newton John’s 1974 song I Honestly Love You and I was struck by an unpleasant realization about the following lyric:

If we both were born

In another place and time

This moment might be ending in a kiss

But there you are with yours

And here I am with mine

So I guess we'll just be leaving it at this

I love you

I honestly love you

I honestly love you

Who would even write that lyric, today? The song assumes that it’s bad luck to meet your soulmate after you’re already married to someone else.

But, in an era where people get divorced just because they might be a little bit bored, hardly anyone would think it’s a crime to divorce the poor sap you’re married to if you happened to run into someone you like better.


I really am getting old.

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