I don’t know if this really happened…

November 15th, 2008

…but it could have:

Was down talking to friends two friends, cialis canada troche military historians who are museum curators. One has a son in the Army. He was until recently on the Korean DMZ, which is more of a no-man’s land, esp. at night.

They’re on a night patrol, about 2 AM, 20 below zero. Coming toward them they can hear, and barely see, are a party of NK refugees, fleeing NK infantry, who are firing on them. Americans move up, and he sees a tiny 4 yr old girl coming toward him thru the gunfire. He grabs her, throws her to the ground, goes prone and rests his M-4 over her back, and opens up. Two NKs go down and the rest flee. They find the two NKs dead the next day.

My friend told his son 70-80 years from now when we’re all gone, that little girl will be telling her great grandkids about you. Every family got its freedom differently. A lot came thru Ellis Island or wherever. This girl’s family got theirs at 2 AM in the DMZ, figuring all hope was lost when American soldiers appeared in the night. She felt the rifle bouncing on her back and smelled the powder smoke as the American cut their pursuers down in the darkness.

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  • 1. Vinny  |  November 16th, 2008 at 3:03 pm

    From what I could find, it seems pretty unlilkely that this happened. The DMZ is so heavily armed that almost all defectors go through China. In fact so few humans have been in the DMZ over the last fifty years that it has become something of a wildlife refuge.

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