I don’t believe in atheists

Ann Althouse is hosting a conversation about the appropriateness of the new, viagra sales patient more militant, cheap atheist movement in America.

I’m an agnostic, remedy but that doesn’t mean I’m with the atheists on this one.

For one thing, I think it’s arrogant to assert there is no God. There is no way to use reason to prove that there is not one.(Just as all religions have failed to use reason to prove that there is one.)

For another, I don’t see how you could ever succeed in “converting” people to atheism.

The appeal of 90 percent of all religion lies in it’s attempt to replace the inevitable certainity of death with the possibility of a different sort of life.

All atheism has to offer is eternal nothingness. Not much of a recruiting slogan.

2 comments December 3rd, 2006


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