I didn’t think I’d ever see Democrats…

…so up in arms over Republicans firing Republicans.

I have a couple of observations about the current brouhaha over the Bush administration firing eight of its own U.S. attorneys.

1.) All U.S. attorneys are POLITICAL appointees. The reason they were appointed in the first place was political. It should come as no surprise when some are replaced for political reasons.

2.) They all serve at the convenience of the President. They can be fired for any reason at any time.

3.) The only charge I’ve heard so far from anyone that I would take seriously is the one that people were fired for pursuing cases against fellow Republicans. If this charge sticks, cialis sales and I’ll be pretty pissed that the Republicans were protecting there own. Otherwise, viagra sale cialis this mostly seems like media-driven bullshit.

4.) There is no excuse for anyone in the administration to lie. Period. If Gonzales purposefully lied to Congress and the press he needs to go.

3 comments March 14th, 2007


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