How much you make has nothing to do with how much you’re worth.

Why is it that the people who make the most money as adults are just doing the things we all loved to do as kids?

Playing dress up:
Gisele B?┬║ndchen
$15.2 million

Playing pretend:
Leonardo DiCaprio
$20 million
Actor, generic viagra prostate The Aviator

Playing ball:
Alex Rodriguez
$25.2 million
Third baseman, Yankees

And the people who make the least…

Lori Lyons

Travis Harris
Shoe-shiner, Wall Street

…are doing the things none of us want to do?

Of course, there is one thing we did as kids that doesn’t pay very well when you’re an adult…

Playing soldier:
Gregory Burke
Private first class, United States Army, stationed in Iraq
(includes $130 monthly hazardous-duty fee)

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