How do we repair Milwaukee’s black community?

No more pointing fingers.

No more blaming poverty.

No more blaming whitey.

No more pining for brain-dead manufacturing jobs that aren’t ever coming back.

No more liberal bullshit.

And no more conservative condescension.

The question is, discount cialis remedy how do we repair the failed fabric of Milwaukee’s black community?

I don’t have all the answers (hell, capsule I may not have any of the answers), pilule but I have some suggestions:


1.) Change the black culture that devalues education and overvalues “respect.”

2.) Make heroes out of black doctors, lawyers, and entrepreneurs NOT sports stars, rappers, and gangsters.

3.) Report crime. Call the cops. Turn in the little SOB dealing drugs on the corner. He is poisoning YOUR community.

4.) Quit blaming everyone else for your plight. Yes, blacks have gotten the short end of the stick in America. But so have asians, hispanics, and pretty much every other ethnic group that ever came to these shores. The first step to not being a victim is to stop acting like one!

5.) Make it clear that getting a good education is the ONLY reliable path out of the situation many blacks find themselves in. That doesn’t mean all kids have to be lawyers. But they can learn to be plumbers, programmers, cops, firemen, woodworkers, nurses, etc.


1.) Don’t become a parent until you’re READY to become a parent. That means you have to be able to pay for your family.

2.) Learn that YOU are responsible for your children. Make them do their homework. Make them stay in school. Keep them away from drugs. KNOW who they are hanging out with.


1.) Fix the damn schools! Put the children ahead of the teachers for once. Hold teachers accountable. Hold parents accountable. Hold the kids accountable.
2.) KEEP the kids in school. If a kid’s truant, send cops to find him and drag him to school. And NO ONE drops out of school. You keep going until you graduate from college or have a marketable skill.
3.) Invest in education. Money is NOT the answer, but it could help fund some answers.
4.) Quit being so quick to lay all the blame on blacks! If you think being black in America is so easy, YOU try it.
5.) STOP “helping” in ways that just create more dependency and reinforce a sense of entitlement. (That means NO more handouts with no strings attached.)

All of us who live in and near Milwaukee MUST change this situation.

We cannot thrive with a cancer in our midst.

I LOVE Milwaukee. I’ve lived in many states and many places and this is the only place I’ve ever truly called home. I want my home to be a decent, safe, and prosperous place for all of us who live here: black, white, hispanic, asian, and the rest.

It’s time to get serious.

No one’s going to do this for us.

We’re going to have to do it for each other.

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