Guess what, the troops in Iraq and Afghanistan are heroes, too.

Yesterday, viagra usa check I commented on this CNN story about an Iraq war veteran who returned a lost lottery ticket.

Today, best cialis there’s a CNN story who fend off four armed robbers using nothing but a pocket knife.

You would probably think CNN has plenty of good stories about what the troops in Iraq and Afghanistan are doing, too. You know, building bridges, stopping robbers, saving buddies…stuff like that.

But here are the rest of the military-related stories on CNN’s home page:

Afghans want trial over U.S. crash

White House: Haditha findings to be made public

Sumaidaie: Marines shot my cousin

All legitimate stories, but tell me…when was the last time you saw any story like the first two coming from Iraq or Afghanistan?

Are they not happening? Or are they not being reported?

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