Global warming is real no matter what, damn it!

I don’t have a strong conviction about global warming one way or the other.

I recognize the greenhouse effect is real and that we’ve been adding carbon dioxide to the atmosphere.

However, cialis buy view the amount we’ve added is very small in terms of parts per million and most of the global warming conclusions come from computer modeling which may as well be the Oracle of Delphi when it comes to predicting something as insanely complex as a planetary climate.

But stuff like this makes me very skeptical: in response to a major increase in the amount of sea ice covering the Arctic, sick Vicky Pope, a scientist with the Met Office, said:

“The reality is that greenhouse gases are making the world warmer, but it is a mistake to see short-term changes in weather, currents or Arctic ice cover as evidence of this.”

It bothers me when evidence goes only one way.

The glaciers are receeding, the sea ice is disappearing, the hurricanes are getting more frequent and severe! Global Warming is armageddon!

Oh, wait, the glaciers aren’t disappearing, the sea ice is recovering, hurricane season was actually less severe…ignore all that… it’s STILL armageddon.

Ummm, OK.

Found through The Troglopundit

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