Two guys jump out of an airplane.

Around half way down the first guy gets ready to open his chute, viagra canada for sale but the second guy starts taking his chute off.

“What are you doing?” The first guy asks.

“Well, viagra sales since we jumped out of the plane, I’ve been thinking. And I’ve decided that using a parachute to save myself and others is morally wrong.”

“Really? Didn’t you agree to use the parachute when you jumped out of the plane?”

“Sure, but I never really thought I’d need to,” the second guy says.

“Well, don’t you think it’s pretty obvious at this point that we all have to use our chutes?”

“Nope. I’m too enlightened, now. I’ve been studying. You use it if you want. I’m going to go join an advocacy group that objects to using parachutes no matter what the circumstances.”

The first guy looks at the second in complete disbelief.

“Well,” he says finally, “good luck with that.” And he pulls his ripcord.

The second guy never does.

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