Freedom of speech for me, not thee.

Newsweek thinks that people saying nasty things about each other on the Interweb is a problem:

Such sites are protected by a federal law that immunizes Web hosts from liability for the musings of their users—as long as the hosts themselves don’t modify content. (And firmly establishing the identity of an individual poster would be next to impossible.) The rationale is to protect big companies like AOL from the actions of each and every user. But as a consequence, viagra sale thumb it means victims of a damaged rep have little legal recourse.

Wrong. That federal law protects ME and bloggers like me from liablilty for something a commenter writes on our site.

And the victims of a false claim have the same legal recourse they would have if Newsweek published something defamatory about them: they can sue the commenter or poster for libel.

We don’t need anymore repression of free speech in the name of hurt feelings.

And we certainly don’t need Newsweek deciding which speech is appropriate and which is not.

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