Ever see that scene in The Matrix…

…where Trinity “downloads” how to fly a helicopter?

That’s what this column makes me think the new operating system and software store for the iPhone is going to be like.

“I can’t tell you how huge this is going to be. There will be thousands of iPhone programs, viagra canada ed covering every possible interest. The iPhone will be valuable for far more than simple communications tasks; it will be the first widespread pocket desktop computer. You’re witnessing the birth of a third major computer platform: Windows, Mac OS X, iPhone,/tag>.

Sure, there are add-on programs for the Treo, BlackBerry and Windows Mobile. But they’ll never achieve the ubiquity or popularity of iPhone apps, because Apple will preinstall the iPhone Apps Store right on every phone. That’s an online catalog of iPhone programs, which you can browse, download and install wirelessly, wherever you happen to be.”

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