Even imaginary guns are too much for the Milwaukee Journal Sentinel

It’s not enough for the Milwaukee Journal Sentinel to editorialize as often as possible against gun ownership, cialis generic try now they’ve actually printed a feature article on how playing with even imaginary guns is “bad.”

My favorite quote comes right at the beginning:

When April Klinter’s 7-year-old son engaged in some gunplay with sticks on the school playground, ed Klinter was called to a school meeting.

“His teacher became concerned about their gunplay and called a group of us to school to talk about it, ask ” Klinter, of Saukville, says.

If a teacher did that to me, i would go ballistic.

I would certainly invite him or her to spend more time teaching his students to read and less time reading parents the riot act because their kids were saying “bang bang” while holding a STICK!

3 comments June 10th, 2006


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