Even if I don’t agree with what you say, I’ll fight to the death for your right to say it.

I have enormous respect for John McAdams at Marquette Warrior, generic cialis illness but I disagree with his attempt to convince the companies sponsoring Bill Maher’s appearance in Milwaukee to stop sponsoring him.

Yes, cialis buy ed he has the right to express his outrage.

Yes, drugstore what he’s been doing is NOT a technical violation of the First Amendment.

But I think it’s a violation of the spirit of it.

I’ve argued repeatedly with Liberals who think boycotts and intimidation against sponsors are a respectable way to suppress other people’s speech. And while I understand why John doesn’t like some of the things Maher says, I think the proper response is to speak out against them rather than attempt to punish Maher for saying them.

I know I’m going to get plenty of guff from people on both the Left and the Right, but my bottom line has always been (and always will be) that anyone who tries to suppress someone else’s speech damages free speech every where and for everybody.

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