Embryonic stem cell research=slavery?

I haven’t thought much about U.S. Senator and Republican presidential candidate Sam Brownback, sildenafil salve but he had a lot of interesting things to say in this interview on National Public Radio

On abortion and embryonic stem cell research:

“…you just look at human history ‚Äî any time we’ve ever treated one class of humans as subject to another class or as property, as in the case of when you research on the youngest of humans, we’ve always regretted it. And I believe we’re in a very similar situation today where you treat the youngest of humans as property rather than as a person.”

And more on emryonic stem cell research and the “greater good”:

You know, you could destroy me today and harvest my body parts and save a number of lives — you know — with my heart, kidneys, liver. Is that a greater good? Now, some might suggest it is, but it just is morally wrong to take one human life for the benefit of another.

If the rest of his policies/philosophies make as much sense to me as these do, Mr. Brownback just found himself a new backer.

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