Don’t shoot until you see the whites of their electronic eyes?

What ever happened to the bravery that made Boston one of the hot spots of the American Revolution?

Somehow I doubt the original minutemen would have panicked at the sight of a few neon cartoon characters.

And where the hell do Boston officials get off trying to charge the Cartoon Network for the costs of the police response to this non-existent threat?

MSNBC reports:

Boston officials, discount viagra order livid about a publicity campaign that had disrupted the city by stirring fears of terrorism, best cialis vowed to prosecute those responsible and seek restitution for the $500,000 cost of the response.

Isn’t it the police department’s JOB to respond when called? Didn’t Boston have to pay those cops the same amount of money whether they were wasting their time investigating the cartoon signs or were just sitting on their butts at a Krispy Kreme stand?

Sometimes I think the biggest victim of 9/11 was America’s common sense.

(Nick also has an opinion on this Boston brouhaha.)

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