Does Milwaukee’s new “wireless” deal come with strings attached?

Milwaukee has apparently approved a deal to allow a private vendor to set up a citywide wireless network in Milwaukee and then sell access to it.

Sound good?

I’ll tell you why it isn’t:

viagra canada treat 1382, viagra canada ailment 69059, ed 00.html”>Google is setting up truly free wireless in several cities (ad supported as is almost everything Google does).

Has Milwaukee even TALKED to Google?

The city has said this isn’t an exclusive deal, but do you think Milwaukee is really going to allow Google to come into the market and set up a free network that competes with a system that makes money for the city?

Also, I’ll be surprised if the city’s current free hot spots will survive after this new service goes into effect.

For the first time in my life, I find myself agreeing with someone named Michael McGee. I think the city is moving too fast and being too short sighted.

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