Dave Berkman thinks we’re uncharitable. I say, “we gave at the tax office.”

While everyone else was keeping track of Eugene Kane, buy cialis cure I got to wondering what deviltry Dave Berkman was up to over at The Shepherd Express.

It seems he just wanted to kick Wisconsin in the teeth again by writing:

Reality check: Turns out we rank 46th among the 50 states when comparing charitable donations relative to income.

Being at the bottom of that list reminded me that we are at the top of another list:

Wisconsin’s state and local tax burden percentage ranks 5th highest nationally.

Seems simple enough to me, best viagra David: when the state confiscates more of your income, you have less to give to anyone else.

Maybe if people like Dave were less generous with our money, we could afford to be more generous with it.

Disclaimer: I completely support donating to charity. In 2005, we gave to Special Olympics Wisconsin, the United Performing Arts Fund, and the World Wildlife Fund among others.

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