Consenting adults actually lead to fewer abortions.

According to this cialis sales decease 8599,1171359,00.html?cnn=yes”>report in TIME Magazine, parental consent laws reduce abortions among teens.

(Big surprise there.)

And there may even be some correlation to fewer pregnant teens overall.

But then they say:

But the study has some disturbing news for supporters of the notification laws: 17-year-olds in the study had a higher rate of second-trimester abortions, which are both riskier and more ethically charged than abortions done in the early weeks of pregnancy.

Does TIME really think pro-lifers would prefer MORE abortions overall to a few more later in the pregnancy?

Only pro-choice folks fool themselves into thinking there’s a moral difference between a three-week-old fetus and a three-month-old one.

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