Live blogging the Citizen Blogging Summit – sort of

I’m at the Citizen’s Blogging Summit at WTMJ.

(This isn’t “live” blogging, viagra sale stuff because I’m not trying to capture everything that’s going on. I’m just keeping myself (and maybe one or two of you) entertained.)

1.) I’ve never been to WTMJ before.

You should know that the WTMJ lobby is crowned by a 360 degree relief created by JE Greer that’s just chockfull of nipples. I mean this guy never saw a nipple he didn’t like. The topless chicks have nipples, troche the peasent chicks have pointy nipples. Thank God, prescription at least the nuns don’t have pointed nipples. Though they might have been monks. It’s hard to tell.

2.) What the hell is up with “blogging summits” being held in places that DON’T have wireless internet connections.

On the other hand, they were nice enough to provide ethernet connections for a few of us…thus this post.

3.) I had to wait in the lobby watching a soap opera on NBC. Why would you submit someone to that?

4.) A nice touch, the name tags all have our blog names on them.

5.) The politics panel – I always think political blogging conversations miss the point. Blogs aren’t really having a huge impact on the way people do politics…blogging’s real influence is the way it’s changing MEDIA. The traditional media was always able to set the agenda and winnow the messages that reached the public. Now blogs can force attention on an issue, candidate, or event in a way that never happened before.

6.) The Beyond Politics panel – My only observation so far is that it’s no surprise that anyone who champions adults acting like kids don’t seem to have kids themselves. People with kids know that someone in the house has to be an adult. It’s a lesson the Baby Boomers never seemed to have learned and their children don’t seem to be picking up on it too quick, either. Sigh.

7.) On longevity – With all due respect to Sean (the organizer of this summit), I find it funny that anyone would think it matters how long someone has been writing a blog. Blogging isn’t a union gig. Seniority doesn’t matter. Blogging is the ultimate meritocracy.

8.) At the beginning of this post, I said I’ve never been here before…but I have. Years ago, I was dating a beautiful girl who did the weekly adopt-an-animal spot on the morning TV news. In fact, she did it in the studio I’m sitting in now. Small, small, world.

9.) Two of my favorite bloggers, James T. Kirk…I mean Harris of The National Conversation and Owen Robinson of Boots and Sabers are now up. If you ever get a chance to have a beer with either of these guys, do it. They’re both funny, bright, and insightful. They also look a lot alike…if you can get past the fact that one of the guys is a white guy from Texas and the other is an African-American from Sherman Park.

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