Changing “UW-M” to “Wisconsin State University” is a bad idea.

Because they’re sick of playing second banana to UW Madison, buy cialis pharm a group at UW-M wants to drop the hyphen from UW-M and change the name of the school to Wisconsin State University.

This is a bad idea.

Not because changing the name is a bad idea…but because “Wisconsin State University” is another sucky name.

I’ve actually been thinking about this issue for a while now.

There’s no reason why a state school has to run a distant second to another state school.

People often seem impressed when they find out that I went to Purdue University in Indiana.

What most people don’t know is that Purdue is a state school.

Just like Indiana University.

And I’m telling you right now, viagra no one would be impressed by my alma mater if it were called Indian University-West Lafayette.

So my suggestion is that UW-M change their name to something with some historical interest and weight to it.

A name that takes Wisconsin and Milwaukee out of play all-together.

My thought?

Mapel University.

Sounds like a quality private school, doesn’t it?

John J. Mapel was actually the first president of the Milwaukee State Normal School (the original predecessor of what became UW-M).

If Milwaukee wants UW-M to become a world-class university, they need a name to go with it…

…a name that removes the stigma of a state school and provides it with the opportunity to create it’s own unique presence and reputation.

Think about it.

Mapel University is the sort of name that could grow on you.

Go read Shark and Shepherd’s post about the same story. Seeing it made me dig this post out of the rough draft folder.

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