Buses are for Bolsheviks

Once again, best viagra ailment it seems some people won’t be happy until we’re all marching (or riding) in lockstep.

Milwaukee Journal Sentinel columnist Gregory Stanford wrote an article that derides cars as being for the uncaring and lauds mass transit as being collectivist. He writes:

“The county exec’s dream aligns with an ideology too long in vogue. D.C. economist Jared Bernstein coined it YOYO (you’re on your own), discount viagra unhealthy as I noted in a previous column. What better symbolizes the YOYO’s individualistic approach than does the automobile, where each driver steers his or her own fate? The opposite philosophy is WITT (we’re in this together), which, by bringing people together in one conveyance, mass transit represents.”

Oddly enough, I completely agree with his assesment of cars versus mass transit… except that I come down firmly on the side of the cars.

Americans are an ornery and individualistic breed.

We LIKE being in control of our own lives. We want to be with the cowboys driving the herd, not with the cattle being driven. In other words, we don’t want to stand around waiting for the bus, we want to be behind the wheel ourselves.

With a bus or tram, you conform your schedule to it and if the vehicle doesn’t go where you want it to go, that’s just too bad for you.

A car on the other hand lets you go exactly where you want to go exactly when you want to go there.

On a bus you risk getting kicked in the head, sprayed with acid (as happened to a bus rider when I lived in Minneapolis), or blown up.

In a car, you travel in relative safety and comfort.

On a bus or train, there are no seat belts.

Most cars have seat belts and air bags (courtesy of many of the same folks who now insist we get our butts on the bus).

Sure, buses are great if you’re a collectivist who believes that people should sacrifice their freedom, comfort and safety for the greater good.

But I believe government exists to help me secure those things for me and my family, not force me to give them up as part of my duty to my fellow comrades and the State.

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