Because Milwaukee County Executive Scott Walker…

…is one semester from finishing his college education, generic cialis physician his challenger Lena Taylor has been trying to imply that her education makes her better qualified. According to this story in the Milwaukee Journal Sentinel:

At the forums, discount viagra one subtle but persistent theme from Taylor has been to suggest her own educational background makes her more qualified for the job than Walker.

Taylor has a law degree from Southern Illinois University. Walker left Marquette University about a semester before graduation for a full-time job.On Wednesday, at least three times Taylor noted she has a college degree. At the Marquette debate, she mentioned her degrees before stressing she finishes what she starts.

Walker has said he intends to complete his degree, though an effort to take classes part time at Marquette a few years back was derailed when his mother-in-law became ill.

Maybe Ms. Taylor would like to level some criticism at some other incompetents who didn’t manage to finish their schooling:

Paul Allen
Reporter Carl Bernstein
Entrepreneur Richard Branson
Founder of Dell Computers Michael Dell
Harrison Ford
Bill Gates
Steve Jobs
Will Smith
Steven Spielberg

…just to name a few.

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