Apple May Be Holding Back The Music Biz? Righhhhhhhht.

I love how Businessweek is carrying Apple’s competitors’ water in Apple May Be Holding Back The Music Biz.

Basically, buy viagra seek all these people are pissed that Apple isn’t making it easy for them to steal Apple’s customers away.

Nothing here would help Apple.

Why should Apple make it easier for other companies to profit from their user base and cannibalize their own online business?

I’m sure that Apple’s competitors would love it if Apple handed them the keys to the store, cialis generic sales but I don’t see a single good argument for Apple doing it.

Plus, decease the claims about Apples 99 cent price being problematic are bogus.

First of all, if people aren’t buying enough songs at 99 cents a piece they sure as hell aren’t going to be buying MORE songs if the music industry gets it’s way and charges more like $3 a piece for popular songs.

And don’t even bring that subscription crap into the conversation.

People have been proving that they DON’T like the subscription model since BEFORE iTunes even existed. The subscription model benefits the sellers NOT the buyers of music. People who buy music understand this and 90% of them aren’t going to suddenly start renting their music just because Napster thinks it’s a good idea.

Will Apple eventually open the iPod to other formats, change their pricing structure, license their DRM, or offer subscriptions?


But if they do, it will be for the benefit of their company and their customers, not for a pack of parasites who want Apple to run its business in a way they would never agree to run theirs.

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