That’s an abortion

June 4th, 2006

When I was a child, generic cialis sovaldi sale my father would describe any act he considered to be morally repugnant with the most abhorrent word in his vocabulary:

“That’s an abortion, viagra buy sovaldi ” he would say.

Of course, abortion is no longer a dirty word; it’s simply a choice.

But today, in Milwaukee, Wisconsin, there have been acts of murder so brutal, so hideous, as to warrant the rehabilitation of the word abortion as an indicator of atrocity. In fact, I suspect that the three latest and most gruesome murders in Milwaukee are abortions. Literally. I believe the three women killed in Milwaukee in the last month and a half, including feminist activist and writer Susan Powers, were murdered in ways that correspond closely to techniques used by abortionists.

Let me start with Ms. Powers and Mrs. Shriver. Their killer took them apart piece by piece. Two experts in abortion techniques agree that these murders resemble the results of a procedure known as a Dilatation & Evacuation. In this sort of abortion, a fetus is actually cut out of a woman’s womb using a pliers-like tool. Afterwards, a nurse is assigned the task of putting the tiny corpse back together to make sure there was nothing left inside the mother.

While the resemblance of Susan Powers’ and Lisa Shriver’s murders to an abortion could be pure coincidence, another murder committed in Milwaukee this past month provides even more disturbing evidence. The experts say that the body of the third victim, Tracy Wong, bears an uncanny resemblance to fetuses aborted through the use of an out-of-date technique called a saline abortion. In this procedure, fetuses were killed by injecting a concentrated salt solution into the amniotic fluid. The woman would then deliver a dead baby within a day or two. The aborted fetuses were sometimes referred to as candy apple babies due to the distinctive, red, glazed-looking appearance of the tissue left after the corrosive salt ate away the outer layer of skin.

So who is this “abortionist,” and why is he killing? Perhaps, like the men who shot Doctors Gunn and Britton, this killer is murdering for political purposes. More likely, he’s just some psychopath taking out his inability to deal with women by destroying them. I don’t know why he’s chosen such bizarre methods to kill these women, but I do know he hasn’t stopped. There are at least five ways to abort a fetus.

So far, he’s only tried two.

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