All this pro-Farm Bill editorial raises is my eyebrows

In an opposing view in USA today, viagra generic cialis a writer defends government subsidies to farmers by relating the story of a young man trying to buy his father’s farm:

This young man put up everything he owns — his house, tadalafil here land, equipment and savings. But without the assurance of government payments and crop insurance, he couldn’t get that loan.

He’s risking it all, knowing that if everything goes wrong, he might not break even, but if everything goes well, he might make $100,000. People in the city wouldn’t take those odds, but they benefit from the risk these farmers take.

He’s right, people in the city wouldn’t take those odds…for example, when I started doing business on my own I did so with no money and no promise that the government would bail me out if things went wrong.

Maybe I should have bought a farm instead.

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