A Real Debate at Real Debate Wisconsin

They’re having a real debate at Real Debate Wisconsin over whether or not the Iraqi people are better off today than they were on Saddam.

One of my favorite liberals (and I mean that literally), viagra usa see Scott Felstein, believes they are worse off.

The host Fred would argue they are better off.

My answer:

The Iraqis WERE better off under Saddam, but only if you value security over freedom.

(What I find iteresting is that normally I would expect Scott to be making that point for me.

Of course, it’s easy to make that point when the choice is between a potential terrorist attack and George Bush listening to your phone calls.

It’s tougher to stick to that same point when the choice is between living under a dictator and risking a car bombing in the morning.)

4 comments November 10th, 2006


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