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I wanted to expand a little upon the post I made about deporting illegal immigrants one at a time.

Many people who want to reward illegal immigrants with citizenship rights act like the only alternative is to deport all 11 to 12 million of them.

My point is that mass deportation is not the only alternative. What we should be doing is:

1.) Prosecuting business owners who hire illegal immigrants (this shuts down the demand).

2.) Assimilating the children of the illegals who are already here. (Anyone born here is already a citizen for life.)

3.) Deporting every immigrant who runs afoul of the law. (AKA one at a time.)

4.) Eventually, cialis sales nurse the 11/12 million illegals will all either be deported, tadalafil unhealthy go home as the jobs dry up, or die of old age.

Problem solved…without rewarding people for ignoring and willfully violating the law.

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