Once again, my readers prove themselves smarter than me.

Melinda left the following comment to a recent race-oriented post on this site.

I liked it so much, sildenafil sale I decided to promote it to its own post.

First- I want to preface this by saying that I want to see the black community do better. It’s in all of our best interests for this to happen.
BUT- as a white woman, buy I have come to the conclusion that I can do very little to help. I can give money, check but I’ve seem too many programs just give handouts. Handouts don’t to anything to help a person improve. (Give a man a fish vs. teach a man to fish.) I could volunteer Рbut let’s face it. The minute I show up РI’m just another white person telling the black person what to do or not do.
Where are the REAL black leaders? The ones with an education, with a great attitude, the one with some hope, and the ones who don’t just talk about respect but actually live it.
I’m not talking about the Mini McGees or the Moore’s of the world.
I’m talking about the Alonzo Kelly’s of the world Рthe 20-something black male with bullet scars from growing up in the “hood??? in Detroit, yet has three master’s degrees. a very professional job at Children’s Hospital, and is working to start a Charter school in order to make a difference.
Why don’t the Alozno’s get the attention rather than the McGees? They are the ones making a real difference Рa real positive difference. We need more people modeling Alonzo- and less modeling McGee.
Tell me how we can develop more Alonzo’s? Or- where are they? Or- why aren’t they getting the attention?

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