College professor gives THE ABORTIONIST an “A”

The Abortionist gets a very nice review from Alverno College Literature Professor Carole E. Barrowman in Sunday’s Milwaukee Journal Sentinel.

Finally, best viagra cialis don't be put off by the title of Wauwatosa writer Michael James Caughill's debut, "The Abortionist" ($15.95) or its slightly strident tone because if you do, you'll miss a story of madness and murder that's worth reading. Elliot Stearns was a Milwaukee cop until a "robber pounded [his] spinal column with a .22 caliber hammer." In a wheelchair and a personal funk, Stearns agrees to help his ex-partner investigate a killer butchering victims in a manner akin to an abortion. Stearns populates a recognizable Milwaukee (Stearns in his wheelchair chasing a suspect through Wauwatosa alleys was wicked). In a genre crowded with likable detectives, from his chair Stearns stands above many of them. I'm glad he's in my neighborhood.

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The Abortionist

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