Elliot Stearns is a fictional character.

(Although, in the context of the blog, I prefer to think of him as a pseudonym.)

He appears in a series of philosophical thrillers written by Michael James Caughill. This blog is a real world extension of the one Elliot writes in the books. The opinions expressed in this blog, however, are real. They are Michael’s actual views on current events.

You can learn more about Elliot at caughill.com or go back to reading From Where I Sit.

For the curious, this is how Elliot’s “About” page would read:

Elliot Stearns is a freelance writer living in Wauwatosa, Wisconsin. Previously, he was a homicide detective with the Milwaukee Police Department. His twelve year career in law enforcement ended when he was shot in the spine during a convenience store robbery. Since then, Elliot has made his living as a freelance writer.

Elliot spends his free time wheelchair racing, SCUBA diving and shooting competitively.

Elliot has never been married and lives with Ripley, his German Shepherd.

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Being in a wheelchair gives you a unique perspective on the world. This blog features many of my views on politics, art, science, and entertainment. My name is Elliot Stearns. More...

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