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June 21st, 2006

Rick from Shark and Shepherd responded to accusations that Milwaukee county’s financial meltdown is current County Executive Scott Walker’s fault with the best single line I’ve read all year:

To blame Walker for this is like blaming the New York Port Authority for not providing its tenants with space on 9/12.

If the folks at the Milwaukee Journal Sentinel had half a brain (which they don’t), cialis usa click they’d be begging Mr. Essenberg to keep writing opinion pieces for them after his stint as a community columnist draws to an end.

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  • 1. grumps  |  June 22nd, 2006 at 6:36 am

    A more apt analogy would have the Port Authority blocking the streets so that rescue crews couldn’t get to the scene of the tragedy. Not only has Walker done nothing to fix the County’s troubles but he has actively stood in the way of solutions.

    Milwaukee County will be paying a long time for Walker’s fumbling. So far GW has gotten away with a lot by blaming someone else for his troubles. The Tosa Ranger won’t have that luxury.

  • 2. Clint  |  June 22nd, 2006 at 7:24 am

    Grumps – the only “solution” that Walker has blocked would be tax increases. And in case you have forgotton simple basic economics and history – raising taxes = decreasing revenue.

    Who has stood in the way of adding private enterprise to the parks system to help pay for it? The county board and the libs

    Who has stood in the way of the cutting of non-essential services? Same answer as above.

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