My posting has been down lately…

February 22nd, 2007

…mostly because I’ve been down lately.

I wrote an opinion column for years in college. Eventually, viagra generic nurse I discovered that looking for things that made me angry enough to write about had the completely unexpected consequence of making me angry.

When I started blogging, viagra usa I knew that becoming angry and frustrated would be a possible side effect of my returning to opining in public on a regular basis.

And lately, that’s exactly what’s been happening.

I spend most of my day cursing other people’s stupidity, hypocrisy, and just plain mean spiritedness.

I struggle to remember that most people are actually pretty decent human beings. They love their families. They’re loyal to their friends. They try to keep their word. (Even as I write, part of me is whispering, “No! No! People just ain’t no good.”)

I’m not going to stop blogging. (To those of you who were hoping that I would, my apologies.) But I am going to spend more time petting my dog, reading good books and eating ice cream. I suggest the rest of you do the same.

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