I’ve taken SCUBA certification courses twice in my life

May 18th, 2011

The second one was so easy and casual, tadalafil seek I think my dog could have passed it.

But I must admit, find I enjoyed the look on my friends’ faces recently when I recounted the final exam from my first course. One I took and passed when I was 16.

Our instructor disassembled all our equipment (including detaching the regulators from the tanks), tossed it into the deep end of my high school swimming pool, had us wear loaded weight belts, put blindfolds on us and pushed us in after the equipment.

You only passed if you made it back to the surface wearing all your gear, breathing from the tank, mask on and cleared, and with the blindfold still in place.

Nowadays, that instructor would probably be prosecuted for child abuse. But I’ve rarely experienced a more well-earned feeling of accomplishment than the one I got from passing that test. (Not to mention living through it.)

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