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Thinking about UW-Madison teacher Kevin Barrett makes me nearly as angry as he is mad.

It drives me crazy that MY tax dollars are paying UW-Madison teacher Kevin Barrett to tell students:

“Your tax dollars are paying for the killing of American soldiers in Iraq. The CIA is paying for resistance in Iraq.”

Yes, generic cialis generic Kevin, viagra I’m sure that the Bush administration is financing the killing of our own troops in Iraq in order to continue an unpopular war that just cost the Republicans control of the House and Senate.

The only thing that makes less sense than what Barrett says is that the University of Wisconsin Madison is PAYING him to say it.

5 comments November 10th, 2006

Pardon my language

911-conspiracy theorist Kevin Barrett is apparently running for Congress as a Libertarian.

Kevin, cialis canada seek I’m a Libertarian.

You’re not a Libertarian.

You’re just completely batshit.

2 comments August 22nd, 2008

How is Russ Feingold like Bigfoot?

Both are only rarely sighted in Wisconsin and many people don’t believe in either one of them.

Seriously, best viagra case WISN’s story about the man who thinks he saw Bigfoot in Washington County is the number one watched video on Wouldn’t it be nice if the outside world didn’t think Wisconsin was populated entirely by liberals and lunatics? (Or both at the same time in the case of Kevin Barrett.)

3 comments November 13th, 2006

I call it the Oliver Stone Syndrome

Oliver Stone Syndrome is the ability some folks on the left have of holding two completely incompatible viewpoints in their head at the same time.

I named it after Oliver Stone because in his movie Platoon his thesis seems to be that the American government was so completely incompetent it couldn’t win a war against a few Vietnamese peasants in pajamas.

And yet, generic viagra ampoule in his movie JFK he argues that the United States’ government is so filled with evil geniuses it was able to assasinate its own president and bascially get away with it.

I think the recent proliferation of 9-11 conspiracy theories is a definite case of the Oliver Stone Syndrome.

On one hand, cialis sale medical people like Kevin Barrett completely believe that George Bush and the neocons were capable of planning and carrying out the murder of 5,000 of their fellow citizens in such a way as to fool the vast majority of the public.

On the other hand, Michael Moore loves to point out how bumbling the administration’s response to 9-11 actually was.

If George Bush and company had actually planned 9-11…don’t you think they would have been a little better prepared to deal with it when it actually happened?

5 comments July 10th, 2006

After all the bad press UW has received in the last few years…

…is deciding to allow 9-11 denier Kevin Barrett to teach his completely groundless theories REALLY the best way to improve its relationship with the legislature or the taxpayers?

And I thought universities were supposed to be filled with smart people.

H/T Ann Althouse.

2 comments July 10th, 2006

Right to teach?

I found the following sentence in a Milwaukee Journal Sentinel story about Kevin Barrett – the UW-Madison professor who believes that the Bush administration secretly carried out the attacks on 9-11:

A University of Wisconsin-Madison lecturer who has sparked controversy by teaching that the Sept. 11 terrorist attacks were an inside job lashed out Sunday at public officials who have questioned his right to teach.

Since when has there been a “right” to teach?

Do I have a right to teach?

And if I do, viagra generic pharm do I have a right to teach anything I damn well please? And charge the taxpayers to do it?

And even if there were some sort of a right to teach, isn’t there a corresponding responsibility to make sure that what you teach is right?

1 comment July 10th, 2006


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